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Second Mile Digital Media was founded by a group of creative & passionate individuals with the goals of producing a higher standard in Photography, Cinematography, Creative Directing & Design. 

With a vast collection of projects ranging from music videos, commercials, photography, social branding and more, Second Mile Digital Media has all of your visual content covered. 


When working on a project, the teams' top priority is to go above and beyond during production to create an original product unique to the clients style and ideas.​


Derek F. | Melbourne Flight Training

“We have been extremely impressed with the video they have done for us. In fact, all of it has exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend their services!"

Clyde T. | Fit FIxins

"Their seamless process of capturing & creating necessary content is done with precession day in and day out. It’s truly a blessing for a busy business owner like myself to have found such a great company to work with."

Kristina F. | Fallon Pilot Shop

“The quality of work exceeded our expectations. They took the time to truly understand our brand, business and customer interaction.”



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